Remote Work: Optimizing Your Home Office

Remote Work and Digital Transformation are Here The COVID-19 pandemic has forced large swathes of our global economy to move toward remote work and digital transformation. Stock prices in Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform spiked recently, and...

Is your conference room AV wasting your time?

Clunky Conference Room AV Wastes Time AV is pretty simple.  At least it sure seems like it should be. I mean, how hard can it be plug a couple of pieces of gear together and view it on a screen? Well, I suspect that most everyone who reads this has been in...

5 AV Mistakes the can Ruin your Room

The Playhouse at White Lake was a historical, heavily-utilized space that had fallen into disrepair. Read how Hamilton AV Design helped to provide a rock-solid, flexible audio-video system that fit nicely with The Playhouse’s recent architectural renovations.

Should You Buy or Rent Your AV Equipment?

Specialized audio visual (AV) equipment can come in a countless configurations to meet an equally wide variety of objectives and needs. For many, buying the equipment outright is the better option, as the initial investment will pay off with frequent use in the months...

Great Sound Isn’t Mixed in a Day

What really makes a good mix, and how long does it really take someone to learn to run sound?  These are big questions, and ones that I’ve been dealing with for a long time. As you might know from my bio, I fell in love with AV technology by accident over two decades...


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