Radiant Life Church Needed Room to Grow

Radiant Life Church in Sturgis, Michigan had a good problem. Attendance was pushing the limits of their worship space, but their lobby needed an immediate update, including audio-visual upgrades.

Updating an Aging Auditorium

Tim Hamilton worked to rebalance Lakeshore High School’s auditorium sound the system more evenly between front and back and to improve the intelligibility and overall quality of the sound in the space.

Lighting Upgrades for Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

Forest Hills Public Schools knew that their Fine Arts Center needed some updates, but they were unsure exactly where to start and how far the updates needed to go. Thats’ whey they approached Tim Hamilton, Principal of Hamilton AV Design (HAV), to examine the technology needs of the district’s flagship performance venue and help the district prioritize the needs.

Remote Work: Optimizing Your Home Office

Remote Work and Digital Transformation are Here The COVID-19 pandemic has forced large swathes of our global economy to move toward remote work and digital transformation. Stock prices in Zoom, a popular video conferencing platform spiked recently, and...

Is your conference room AV wasting your time?

Clunky Conference Room AV Wastes Time AV is pretty simple.  At least it sure seems like it should be. I mean, how hard can it be plug a couple of pieces of gear together and view it on a screen? Well, I suspect that most everyone who reads this has been in...


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